Exploring the Depths of Keyys’ Artistry: ‘Stories To Tell’ Album Review

Emerging from the bustling streets of New York City, rapper Keyys has recently made a resounding statement with his latest masterpiece, a 12-track opus entitled “Stories To Tell.” This sonic journey, as the name suggests, delves deep into the artist’s life, encapsulating his experiences through bouncy melodies and astonishing lyrical prowess. “Stories To Tell” is […]

Unveiling Impeccable Mueller: Exploring the Sonic Odyssey of ‘Impeccable Sounds, Vol. 1’

In a harmonious blend of artistry and urban storytelling, Pennsylvania’s very own rap virtuoso, Impeccable Mueller, has graced the music scene with his latest masterpiece, a riveting 4-track EP titled “Impeccable Sounds, Vol. 1“. This concise yet impactful collection of tracks provides listeners with an intimate window into the multifaceted life of Impeccable Mueller, intertwining […]

Carson, California Ignites as Nxck and Cri$ Blaze Trails with “Animalzz” and “Phoenix” Double Release

In the heart of Carson, California, the hip-hop scene is ablaze with the scorching new double release from dynamic duo Nxck and Cri$. “Animalzz” and “Phoenix” are the two electrifying singles setting the West Coast music scene on fire, and these artists are undoubtedly carving their names into the annals of musical history. A rapper […]