Cincinnati’s Rap Revolution: Tback’s ‘Shut It Down’ Music Video Sets the City on Fire

The vibrant city of Cincinnati is ablaze with excitement as renowned rapper Tback, alongside Benny and Spiffy Spauld, unleash their latest anthem “Shut It Down” through an electrifying music video. Directed by the visionary @osirusjohnson, the visually stunning creation takes audiences on a relentless journey through the trio’s hardcore lifestyle and triumphant rise to the […]

Keonté Takes the R&B Scene by Storm with Haunting Single ‘Double Back’

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Dolton, Illinois, singer-songwriter Keonté is making waves with his latest release, “Double Back.” This captivating R&B single, which debuted on June 23rd, 2023, showcases Keonté’s innate ability to create a chill and laid-back atmosphere that envelops listeners. With haunting background vocals that evoke an eerie yet alluring vibe, […]

Toso Releases Refreshing New Single “Lotta Doe”

Los Angeles-based artist Toso (@tosomusic) is set to make a profound impact on the music scene with his new single, “Lotta Doe.” Known for his clear, lyrical, and melodic style, Toso’s music carries a conscious and fun vibe that resonates with listeners. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, the artist has crafted […]