100k LAP

10k Hours Running LAPS Outside of Chattanooga, TN, sits a small town with three red lights and a population of 15,431. Among the narrow valley, lives a rap duo that is here to protect that original, dirty south rap that Tennessee is notorious for. The LAP consists of two life long friends named Rodney Alder […]


Your New Favorite Rapper A new lion in wolf skin is walking among us. The type of rapper that can eat any competition and is destined for success. ELEMXNT is by far one of my favorite current artists that I stumbled across and genuinely an all around super star. It’s no secret that Philly has […]

In The Head of YGTUT

The Heads of The House Familiar name right? YGTUT? The Preacher’s Son. Also probably one of the greatest musicians to bless your AirPods. I was young when TUT started gaining noticeable traction in the music world. Since I am from Chattanooga, watching TUT get the flowers he deserves in real time is nothing less than […]

Hella High With Heath

Mississippi Heat In 1936 famous blues musician, Robert Johnson, marked Mississippi as a staple in music history. Mississippi is said to be the state where Johnson made a deal at the crossroads to become a musician. Shortly after making this deal, Robert Johnson became one of the greatest Blues artist ever to live. The influence […]

Shno In Vancouver

Xavier’s Way The thing I love most about writing, is the refreshing feeling I get when finding that new artist. The type of artist that reminds you how it feels to actually appreciate the art of rap. Meet Shno Xavier, an independent artist living in Vancouver, Canada. Shno happens to be one of many artists […]

Why Care About Jonathan Shapiro?

The Write Up New York, where the jungle is concrete and dreams are made. Being from the south, I sometimes find it hard to connect with artists in the northern scene but this one artist in particular struck my curiosity. Jonathan Shapiro is 21 years old and although he lives in Binghampton, Jonathan informed me […]

Tax Szn with Interstate Tax

Tennessee, home of the volunteers and some of the most diverse artists I personally listen to. What I love about Tennessee’s music is the grittiness and raw emotion you hear in every song. Known Chattanooga artist, “Interstate Tax”, brings all of that and more with every release. It has been a year since he last […]