Only One Felipe’s new album “Super” sees Him Growing Into His Own

Atlanta rapper Only One Felipe’s journey has been one independence and betting on himself. Since leaving Republic Records, Felipe’s decision to go independent and start his own label has led to an identity and a sound that aligns more with him as a person. “Super, is next level,” he stated. “The effect of mastering the […]

Kai Ca$h’s “711” Deluxe is a Breath of Fresh Air

New Era Signee’s five-track deluxe for his EP “711” is an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring every sound that the grittier side of hip-hop has to offer. On the project, Ca$h delivers everything from his take on NYC drill on “Never Easy” to more menacing tracks like the CEO Trayle assisted cuts “Back Doe” and “Helen Keller”. […]

Meet Album Trading Cards: The Next Titans of the NFT World

Despite a lack of awareness in general popular culture, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become a lucrative new opportunity with the most expensive token being sold at an astonishing $69 Million, according to KTNV Las Vegas.  With the (NFT) craze hitting a critical mass, Album Trading Cards (ATC) has cemented itself as a company that’s ahead […]

Canadian singer SNJÜ Succumbs to the Devil On His Shoulder on “Glide & Swerve”

SNJÜ’s new single “Glide & Swerve” is reminiscent of the haunting yet intoxicating nature of The Weeknd’s early songs like “Often” and “The Hills”. Similar to The Weeknd’s moody ballads, “Glide & Swerve” blends psychedelic, bass-heavy production with an ode to diving off the deep end for a woman. However, things get interesting when you […]

Derek Minor enlists Thicc James and Greg James for “Pull Up”

Even though the window for getting songs onto the Fast and Furious soundtrack has likely closed, Derek Minor and company make their pitch for why they should’ve been included. The Thicc James instrumental is laced with blaring horns, booming 808s, and high octane percussion. However, this is far from Derek Minor and Greg James’ only […]

Skrizzy enlists Strip Club Song Veterans for “Troublesome”

If there were ever a formula for making the hardest strip club banger possible, Skrizzy has definitely unlocked it. Along with his own catchy lyrics and bouncy flow, consider the steps below a Strip Club Banger 101 Class. Step 1: Producers & Engineers “Troublesome” is produced by Producer 20 and Fantom, both of whom are […]