Detroit’s Icewear Vezzo Delivers New Video For “Bacc Again”

I have covered Icewear Vezzo a couple of times in the past like back when he dropped “Rich Off Pints 2” his latest album release. He’s from Detroit, Michigan where the music scene is popping off right now and some could make the argument that Vezzo is leading the pack. His flow is unmatched in […]

Ashtin Larold Turns Up With New “Motions” Music Video

Ashtin Larold is well known across the industry with songs like “Trap Shanty” and his freestyle’s back in the day with the legendary SUPA HOT FIRE. He first started to get known for “White Boy Kills High School Freestyle” after that hint of fame, he called out the rapper Sim Jesus on his video called […]

570JV HEATS The Game Up With “Run Trip”

Knowing 570JV personally really makes me hype for his latest drop “Run Trip.” Diving into his life, 570 is well known for his song “My Souls” which was actually featured in the video game NBA2k20. He’s from Williamsport, Pennsylvania a small little town known primarily for the little league world series. This week he drops […]