Harrisburg Artist Bcmuac Tlo Is Taking Over With His New Album “It Ain’t Over Yet”

The Pennsylvania rap game is most times easy to learn if you live around the area. From an insider perspective I love what I’ve seen from local artists leading me to find Bcmuac Tlo. With all the local artists around me, he truly stands out with his drive and quality of production. The artist’s newest […]

Pennsylvania’s MulaDaGreat Impresses With New “SLIDE” Visual

I think Pennsylvania has some of the most underrated artists out there, so I want you guys to meet MulaDaGreat. Breaking out of Pennsylvania is a hard thing to do for most artists, but MulaDaGreat has something special about him. After reaching out to him over text, he described how music is his true passion […]

Atlanta’s Tony Shhnow Returns With New “Used To” Music Video

Tony Shhnow is an artist out of Atlanta, and I just found out about him towards the end of 2021. His trap lyrics but yet softer beats offer a refreshing sound coming out of the south-eastern state. Tony has been gaining tons of momentum lately so let’s put you on him before he blows up! […]

Harrisburg Rapper Lil Almighty Drops New Single “Dapper Dan”

Lil Almighty is an artist out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The music scene in Pennsylvania makes it hard for rappers to break out to the mainstream, with only a few artists to accomplish this feat. Lil Almighty is a producer as well who has made beats for artists like Lil Rekk, Lil Skies, and even Kamrin […]

YSN Fab Drops New Video For “Only Us”, Off His Latest Project Made 4 More 2

We are watching history be made every time YSN Fab drops. In his latest song “Only Us” shot by FortyDiamonds, it shows us Fab’s love side of life, while intimately expressing his feeling towards a girl. He explains how she makes his heart warm up and makes him feel loved and cared about. Fab is […]