DJ Zaganess Proves Why He’s a Fan Favorite

Making himself known, artist and producer DJ Zaganess is one to watch as he continues to release electric tracks that are sure to be summer staples. Hitting career milestones left and right, DJ Zaganess is carving his own path through the industry and proving that you can get far as an independent artist. What really […]

Artist & Producer SoundsByTami Is a Global Star

Pushing herself to be her best, artist, producer, and writer SoundsByTami continues to challenge herself and take her career to the next level. She knows that being uncomfortable and getting out of her comfort zone is the only way she’s going to get better, so she doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Having found success […]

Aleks Jonovic New Debut Single “Getting It”

Upcoming artist Aleks Jonovic is becoming one of the most innovative rap artists in the new generation. The rapper’s passion for music is fast-growing, and his bond to quality music is thicker than blood. At this point, the goal to disrupt the music industry can’t be denied. The iconic rapper has found great success in […]

$mooth Water Drops New Drill Single, “Electric”

Recording artist $mooth Water has released a brand new, appropriately named single, “Electric.” The hype track samples the riveting “Electric Love” by BØRNS with some heavy drill type drums. $mooth Water hops on the beat flowing bar for bar. $mooth Water’s been freestyling since high school, later graduating to the booth around the time of […]