Australian Musician Rob Fletcher Is Starting To Build A Buzz That Can’t Be Stopped 

Rob Fletcher is a dedicated musician that is starting to bring in a fast growing fanbase.  He has been making music his whole life but is finally starting to release it for the world to hear.  In a short period of time he has amassed some solid numbers on his songs.  He has tons of content dropping all the time for the new fans that keep rolling in.  They love his consistency and style of rock that is unique in its own way.  He has pre written about 50 songs that are done and ready to record and get mixed and mastered in the studio.  He plans on releasing a single mid to late June and later an LP.  Rob Fletcher has been working with a producer by the name of Barend Newenstraten to create the music fans have been falling in love with.  Within the next year he sees himself dedicating all his time to music and taking it on full time as a career.  

His Grandmother and Grandfather were musicians, his grandmother was a virtuoso pianist.  Rob Fletcher was always fascinated with guitars growing up, and would often play the cricket bat when he was a child. Seeing artists like Kate Bush play on the TV is a standout memory that has stayed with him.  Rob Fletchers friend Teo was playing guitar at the age of 7, and he was also a big influence on where his life has taken him.  What he wants fans to take from his music is a journey into the realm of rock.  Follow Rob Fletchers journey into the music industry and stay tuned for new music coming soon. 

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