Artist Spotlight: FlyBoi Rell

Flyboi Rell is back with his latest single “Luck” ft. woodah and this track is a slider!

when I first heard this track from Rell I was instantly hooked on his smooth delivery and cadence on this track as his vocals seem to float so perfectly over the horns and drums.

Now most of you reading probably never have heard of Flyboi Rell and that’s ok because today we are spotlighting this amazing artist with the smoothest of flows.

Flyboi Rell repping that Raleigh , NC and bringing that southern flavor to the Big Apple!

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina but currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Flyboi Rell was inspired to rap at the age of 16 after performing a series of written poems for his school. After free styling with other friends and a local rapper, Rell was encouraged to take music seriously and eventually transitioned into making music in 2016 while in college.

During his time in college Rell paired up with other like-minded artist and creative entrepreneurs to form the group called “n0mads”. The mission of n0mads was and still is to create the next generation of independent thinking artist who are able to understand the inner-workings of the modern music business through the use of their wide connection base and strategic financial planning.

Rell spent most of his life a reject, ostracized by others for his interest; He grew up with a single mother for most of his life, Rell knows the struggle but has also seen the success story and wants to recreate it for himself. His drive and talent will definitely give him a real advantage to succeed.

you can check out his music on ALL streaming platforms and everywhere music is sold. Make sure you give his tracks “Word of Mouth”, “No Safety”, and of course his group album “Nomads”.

if you don’t have Apple Music just click the music player below and stream all his music here straight from Spotify!

Check out all of FlyBoi Rell’s music here on Spotify!


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