ArrDee & Aitch Team Up For New “WAR” Music Video

The brand new music video for “War” with Aitch and ArrDee has given us a new perspective on UK rap. The current dominating style of UK rap provides so much energy that it’s comparable to the legendary Florida Trap and East Coast Drill scenes here in the US. The type of sound that makes listeners want to go on a long, windows-down, volume 10 drive through the neighborhood as much as it makes listeners want to spend an extra hour at the gym session. If EA SPORTS had half a brain, they would instantly include this song in their next game like FIFA or Madden.

The new visual’s aesthetic matches the intensity of the song. As ArrDee and Aitch breeze down the road atop a brand new Mercedes and a brand new Chevy Bronco, with their street soldiers riding horseback alongside. After diving into Aitch’s catalog, I found the same energy is present in all of his music. Some of my favorites included Moston, which had elements of G Unit & other familiar 2000s era sounds. Like Them, and 2 G’s, which has a very catchy beat that includes the use of cowbell. And we always need more cowbell, after all.

Check out “WAR” by Aitch & ArrDee today and let us know what you think of Aitch in the comments.


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