Apollo King 47 is the Artist on the Rise!

Residing from his home town in Tenosique De Pino Suarez, Tabasco Mexico, Apollo King 47 is no stranger to the hip hop scene. Andres Hernandez Munoz, aka Apollo King 47, jumped onto the rap scene, and quickly found a wave of early success. His most recent collabor with “MC Magic” and “Brown Boys” are just a stepping stone of what’s to come from this musically talented genius. His projects include shows done for charity in which Apollo King 47 showcased his talent by performing live and it was all for charity. Apollo King 47 looks forward to bringing that spark to the music industry and feels his authenticity and lifestyle connects with people causing him to relate to anyone that’s a true hustler and passionate about their music. It’s safe to say that the Mexican native has the confidence and mindset to be great and impact this industry for years to come. 


Yungndwealthyy Drops ‘Lost’ EP 

Yungndwealthyy followed up his debut single with a brand new EP titled ‘Lost’. Containing 4 different types of songs, ‘Lost’ pushes the boundary of what international hip hop usually sounds like.  Yungndwealthyy shows us his versatility and creative mind in the production of the music throughout the project.  You can listen to Yungndwealthyy here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/2B4K5Xyok3EvAswVH4vDR8?si=cumNmdyMQXuisw0ozO6z6w You […]