An Interview With Rising Super Producer Foreigngotem

Foreigngotem, the producer behind the Roddy Ricch’s “Boom Boom Room” has been creating hits on his youtube channel for years now. He has now dedicated social media following and is continuing to produce hits for other artists such as YNW Melly, YBN Almighty Jay & more. Foreigngotem is one of today’s hottest upcoming producers and it was a pleasure to have the chance to speak with him, following his first #1 placement with Roddy Ricch’s album “Please Excuse Me For Being Anti-Social”.

Eli: For the people that don’t know, tell us a little about yourself. What you do, your age and where you’re from and all that?
Foreigngotem: I’m a producer, I make beats for fire artists and I’m from Belgrade, Serbia. That’s a small ass country in Europe if you don’t know where that is lol.

Eli: What did you want to be growing up?
Foreigngotem: I guess I always wanted to do something different. Like, I never wanted to have a regular job that I’d have to go to every day. I always knew I wanted to be self-made. But I don’t think I had an idea that I wanted to do music until I started making beats.

Eli: When did you start producing?
Foreigngotem: I started making beats when I was 16. So that’s 4 years ago.

Eli: When did you think this could be a career for you?
Foreigngotem: Well, as soon as I started making beats I knew I wanted to be serious about it. So as soon as I’d come home back from school, I’d just get on my computer and make beats all day. It wasn’t really a career until like late 2015 / early 2016 when I started making money from selling my beats and being able to live off that. I guess that’s when I realized it can be an actual career. 

Eli: What was the process of getting your first placement with a major artist like YBN Almight Jay’s “Chopsticks” for example?
Foreigngotem: Actually, the Chopsticks beat was just another beat on my YouTube channel. Jay found it somehow and sent me a DM on twitter. He said he wrote a hit on it already and just wanted me to hear it. That was before he was even popping. From the minute we talked for the first time I knew he was serious so I was definitely down to work with him. Lol, it’s crazy how big he is now.

Eli: Do you feel like producers get ‘less credit’ than rappers?
Foreigngotem: Yeah, producers are definitely getting less credit than rappers, but I feel like that’s changing right now as a lot of producers are doing their thing and killing it.

Eli: Who are your inspirations? (these can be non-music related)
Foreigngotem: Damn, there’s a lot of people I could list lol. I don’t know, I guess the producer who really got me into making beats was DJ Mustard. He was popping back in 2014, and his beats were so simple. Before him, everyone was making these complex beats and I thought making beats would be really hard, but when he came out with his sound I was like yeah I can do this too. But with time my style really changed and my taste in music really changed and one of the artists who also really influenced me was Lil Peep. His music got me back to my rock roots because I was raised on rock music really. When I was a kid I was listening to a lot of grunge, pop punk etc. So a lot of the music I’m making right now is influenced by this type of music. Lol, people always say that there are 2 Foreigngotems – one who makes beats like “Chopsticks” – and the other one who makes guitar beats. Because those 2 styles are like the opposite, and I’m really good at making both of them and I love both of them equally.

Checkout Foreigngotem’s youtube channel below:

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