ALINA Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Get ready to be blown away by the talent of Alina Adams, known simply as ALINA. Collaborating closely with Jake Buchbaum & Réy Coleman at Cabra Music, ALINA recently teased her new song, “17,” on Instagram on March 21st. Within 48 hours, the video garnered over 1 million views, catapulting ALINA to stardom with an additional 15k Instagram followers flocking to her profile. The anticipation for the release of “17” is palpable, with thousands eagerly awaiting its drop.

Drawing inspiration from the challenges of teenagehood, ALINA’s lyrics resonate with anyone who’s ever felt the struggle of growing up. Her snippet, featuring the poignant line, “life is to experience but it’s left be black and blue,” showcases her raw songwriting talent and impressive guitar skills. No wonder fans are clamoring for more!

Mark your calendars for April 10th, when “17” will finally be released. Follow ALINA on Instagram (@alinaadamsxo) and TikTok (@alinatries2sing) for all the latest updates on her musical journey.


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