Alexcusemy shines on new EP ‘Warning Shot’

Houston artist Alexcusemy has shared a new EP called Warning Shot. Continuing his prolific streak of releases, the EP contains a vibrant, raw sound that feels immersive throughout. Flexing his skills as both a vocalist and producer, alongside production from talented beatmaker Silversurfersosurreal, Alexcusemy’s versatility and songwriting skill are compelling across Warning Shot.

Opener “About Me” contains electrifying production based around vibrant synth lines and grooving, catchy percussion, setting a solid foundation for Alexcusemy’s infectious vocals. “What A Life”, featuring C. Austin Campbell, provides a more hard-hitting sound that showcases Alexcusemy’s versatility, as he comes through with a vocal performance that is hypnotic and potent, with a series of sharply crafted lines. Title track “Warning Shot” makes for an EP highlight as well with its cloudy, vibrant production based around retrofuturistic samples and graceful strings.

The latest from Houston’s Alexcusemy, Warning Shot is a poignant dose of atmospheric, catchy hip-hop and has us excited for what may be coming next from this rising artist.

Listen to Warning Shot now:


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