645AR – “Yoga” [VIDEO]

    With his debut single “4 Da Trap” currently sitting at 8.8 million views on its music video, Bronx, New York native 645AR follows his viral hit with another video for his second TikTok assisted smash “Yoga”.

   TikTok is seemingly becoming a major factor for introducing us to new artists and making songs blowup when they may have otherwise gone under the radar. 645AR definitely has one unique style despite his clear influences from artists like Young Thug and PlayBoi Carti because of just how far he’s pushing that “crooning” Atlanta sound. He takes it to an entire new level with his almost impossible to make out lyrics. 

    In the new video for “Yoga”, BRTHR brings some of the most intense and chaotic visuals I’ve ever seen in a music video which BRTHR is known for. The unique instrumental is produces by MLD and John Cunningham and is the perfect backdrop for 645AR to lay his unique vocals on.

What do y’all think about 645AR and his new video? Check it out and let us know!

Written By: Frozen Hotel!

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   ▶️ https://soundcloud.com/sos645ar

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