4Steppa teases the release of his new project with his new single “Close to Me”

WIth  mesmerizing production from plutobrazy and crisp visuals from Montreals finest Zealus we are able to get a glimpse on the level of music that we should be expecting sonically from 4Steppa he invites us into his reality as he reveals that he goes through the ups and downs of life just like any one of us whether it be hardships in relationships or falling out with loved one he opens up a little bit more into the vulnerable side of him which we don’t always get to see alot judging from his lack of posts on instagram and lack of engagement on social media  you can tell that he enjoys limiting what he puts out on the internet and also likes to maintain a level of privacy that allows him to create the way he does without obstruction, fans are taking a liking to this new sound of 4Steppa as he has received lots of good feedback and boost in streams since his last release and there is building anticipation towards the release of his new tape
Instagram: https://instagram.com/_4steppa?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/40RfsEooEcPPi0rQnVTdmq?si=MO_bGhMNRNe3my7iNnv_CA


Yungndwealthyy Drops ‘Lost’ EP 

Yungndwealthyy followed up his debut single with a brand new EP titled ‘Lost’. Containing 4 different types of songs, ‘Lost’ pushes the boundary of what international hip hop usually sounds like.  Yungndwealthyy shows us his versatility and creative mind in the production of the music throughout the project.  You can listen to Yungndwealthyy here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/2B4K5Xyok3EvAswVH4vDR8?si=cumNmdyMQXuisw0ozO6z6w You […]