Reese Youngn Steps Into The Limelight With “No More Parties” Remix

Contributor: Avi Cantor

Just in case you deleted Instagram a week ago or threw your phone away, Reese Youngn has lit the internet on fire with his remix to Coi Leray’s hit “No More Parties”. 

The Pittsburgh native’s strained singing and animated adlibs have divided the internet into those who think the remix is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard and those who’ve fallen in love with his unique flow. 

Whatever your opinion is on the record, you can’t deny how infectious it is and the fact that it’s reached nearly 1 Million views on Youtube within less than a week out of seemingly nowhere. 

However, unbeknownst to many, Reese Youngn is one of the rising stars out of an emerging Pittsburgh rap scene. The “No More Parties” rapper has done a track with Flint, MI’s Rio Da Yung Og and gained cosigns from No Plug, California rapper Snapp Dogg, social media personality D1 Pop and Atlanta director Shot By Wolf, among many others.

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