14-year-old rising star Edie Yvonne brings together relatable lyrics and positive messages

Even though she is only 14 years old, Edie Yvonne is not your average teenager.  The rising singer/songwriter is well on her way to releasing her first album At Ease, and her latest single “Random Boy” is a hit.  It features powerful lyrics and an anti-Valentine’s Day message, which isn’t something you hear from very many people these days, especially a teenager.  Needless to say, it seems as if she’s got it all figured out.

“My favorite thing is when I go to school now and people ask ‘Did you write ‘Random Boy’ about this guy or that girl?’” said Edie Yvonne.  “Art imitates life, but it is not always that literal.”

Her peers seem to be catching on to her talent and listening closely to what she has to say.  The engagement is what keeps her going, but her mind is always coming up with fresh ideas, which gives her even more firepower than most musicians her age.

“If an idea appears, I try to put it somewhere, on a page or in the music,” said Edie Yvonne.  “If there is a spark, I try to not keep it a secret but try to put it out in the world to see if it speaks to someone else as well.”

That relatability is only one of the many things that are going to carry Edie Yvonne far in her pursuit of her dreams.  She pours her heart and soul into her creations, writing personal ballads that resonate as much with her as they do with the listeners.  Her upcoming single “Stain” features lyrics about her birthmark and how she “went out after quarantine and forgot how people are so insensitive to difference”.  Wise words from a 14 year old.

To put it simply, you must add Edie Yvonne to your rotation.  Her talent is so abundant that she will inevitably make it into your playlist one day, because she’s well on her way now and there’s no stopping her.


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