eclipsesoull productions Has Their First Of Many Events, “EVERYTOWN”

I spoke to Public Figure and Entrepreneur @lordkamar (Kamar Skeete) about him and his business partner MIDKNIGHT’s latest event in ATL. EVERYTOWN are events that eclipsesoull productions put together and are made with full intention; With an unfortunate rise in gun violence in the ATL area, these events are steered to show young people a better way of being/living. A way to show the ATL youth that you can coexist with all sorts of different people and places. eclipsesoull productions is made up of 2 members: Kamar Skeete and MIDKNIGHT. They’re a group that organizes tours and other events, beginning to expand into artist development and partnering with bigger tour groups like WeAreLive Ent and Camping and Glamping. Check out the brief interview below.

1) What inspired you to begin the event known as EVERYTOWN?

“A rise in gun violence in the city. Atlanta has been dealing with a wave of violence across the city that’s left plenty of friends uncles brothers fathers dead. MIDKNIGHT and I (Kamar Skeete) felt that it was the right thing to do to use our platform eclipsesoullmoon formerly known as MIDKNIGHT productions try to make change. We really wanted to give back to the community and the scene in Atlanta and try to spread positivity around the time of the holidays. We wanted to make the show free where everyone could either buy a ticket and all ticket sales would be donated to Everytown for gun safety hence the name.”

2) What other cities besides ATL will you be taking this event?

“We’re working on taking eclipsesoull productions to new york and Texas I’m January. We’re focused and committed to expanding and bringing Atlanta acts partnering with other markets across the country as soon as possible. We have a show coming in the next 2 weeks for a ladies night featuring local female artists to help them gain exposure and support our ladies.”

3) What is the plan for 2023?

“2023 is the year of growth for us, we want to take our group and catapult forward. We really want to see more out of city events especially in Texas  and New York. We want to branch out and hopefully develop a group where we can support artists, get them shows and exposure across the country and grow. Also there’s big developments in the music tech sector that we’re hoping to introduce to help with that.”

“MIDKNIGHT as an artist is hoping to release his first studio album as well as perform and go on his first national tour.”

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